I am pleased to refer to Tim Tam for all your recovery needs.

Reality tells us recovery should be as inexpensive as possible and needs to be done as a consistent process for results.


The tools by Tim Tam are diverse in their benefits and support the Chiropractic Adjustment well while helping shift the body into proper muscle balance mechanics.

Please support me by clicking any of the pictures here prior to ordering products. I have scoured the internet and Tim Tam brings the highest quality at the most affordable price. Remember to order ASAP as shipping can take up to 4 weeks (it’s a wait but worth it:)

Also be sure to check out my Muscle Vibration Protocol for enhanced recovery here: Myofascial Trigger Point Technique PDF

-Dr. Dustin Dukart D.C., B.S. Human Biology


My favorite products:

Polish Light

Vibrating Foam Roller

Tim Tam Power Massager

GSP using the Tim Tam Power Massager

Vibrating Foam Roller for Spinal Health

Pulse Massager

Cooling Tip (freezable)

Warm Up tip (flat)

Original tip

Heating tip

Floss Bands

Heating and Cooling Tips

Warm Up/ Trigger Point tip package

Recovery Gels