What is a “verified chiropractic adjustment?”

In my mind, I think of a “verified chiropractic adjustment” as a test, adjustment, and confirmation of the correction.

In my clinic in St. Paul Park, MN, we utilize muscle testing from Applied Kinesiology as one method. In this way, we are able to test specific muscles before and after treatment to show both of us that the correction is verified.

The best part:

We can both feel that the correction has held after the adjustment. It is incredibly powerful to know that the nerve loop between brain and muscle has been restored to proper functionality.

When you can feel a muscle go from 2/10 strength to 8 or 9/10 strength in less than a minute, I promise you won’t want to go anywhere else, it’s that good.

The looks on the patient’s faces may be the best part. Typically we are both extremely happy and satisfied that we have found a solution to the problem. Much better in my opinion than the all too familiar “My neck was moving better but I had headaches for a week type of adjustment.”

How do you know that you have had a good adjustment from a Chiropractor?

Think about that for a second.

Is it the loud crack? Is it the fact that we adjusted only one spot or many? How do we know we are better “aligned?”

In my opinion we need a method to test before and after results to ensure we are on the right track. That gives me the confidence to trust that the body has had the right inputs to help healing.

Is the problem fixed?

The reason I am writing this post is that I asked myself that same question. How do I know that I gave the BEST adjustment to give to that specific patient at that specific time.

If you can visualize a vertical switchboard with 26 levers. Each lever can be in neutral, L, or R (to keep things simple.) Which levers shall we move and which shall we leave alone? That, in a nutshell, is the art of Chiropractic.

There are 26 adjustable segments in the spine alone, how do we know that we are “pulling the right levers?”

In conclusion

Adjusting someone’s back is much more than simply pushing on someone’s back. By utilizing a “verified chiropractic adjustment” both patient and doctor can witness a significant difference which can make all the difference between a good week and a terrible week.

Yours in health,

Dr. Dustin Dukart D.C.