Chiropractic Services

We do muscle testing, manual adjustments, Gua Sha, myofascial release, and much more.

Accepting an injury as a normal part of life can be—and often is—debilitating. Loss of freedom to move, travel, exercise, and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle eats away at your quality of life, day by day, bit by bit. You don’t have to accept living with pain forever. It has nothing to do with you being ‘tough enough’ to push through it.

Healing chronic pain is possible with the right help, and without surgery. We help you understand your pain, where it comes from, and how to repair your body and restore your vibrant lifestyle.

Common ailments we can help you recover from: inflammation, back pain, neck pain, recovering from a car accident, recovering from surgery, headaches & migraines, and muscle & sports injuries.