It happens all the time. A parent comes in with their child asking if Chiropractic may be beneficial for their child.

Many say things like “I always just thought Chiropractic was for adults” or the classic “ I thought they weren’t developed enough for Chiropractic.”

Simply not true! In fact, children are even more responsive to Chiropractic care in many cases than adults.

Your baby will love chiropractic

They have a brand new nervous system which is craving outside stimulus from the world. They are looking for information via their sensory systems by putting things in their mouth, grasping with their tiny hands, recognizing the smell of mom, and learning to recognize faces.

Due to this never-ending search of stimulus, even gentle touches can have an immense impact. A baby is so responsive it is similar to playing a complicated yet elegant instrument. For example, with the right caresses and tempos from mom, a baby is calmed from crying and is often found soon sleeping on her shoulder.

Adjusting a baby is much the same way. We are not “cracking bones” or forcibly moving anything. It can be described as craniosacral therapy but practised on the entire body. I do a good bit of work with the cranial bones with infants as well as points all along the body searching for either a resistance under my finger or improved breathing mechanics of the baby.

How it works

The technique works by gently adding perhaps 2-5 lbs. of gentle pressure into the developing spine or cranial point and then I can often feel tissue restrictions fading under my fingers and tension is relieved.

This very simple, yet elegant technique can have wonderful effects on how often or how long a baby cries, how regular a baby’s digestive system is, and ensures good communication between the brain and body. This is perhaps the greatest effect though it is hard to readily see by the human eye.

The results

Often, we see results in less frequent crying, more regular feeding times (baby getting proper nutrition), improved breathing, and baby sleeping for longer periods at night.

Any extra sleep is welcomed by new parents as you probably are well aware of if you are reading this! So, I’m happy to help anyone looking to have their newborn infant adjusted as the birthing process is often traumatic for mother and child.

Yours in health,

Dr. Dustin Dukart