5 Great Ways to Stay Active and Motivated Through the Winter

Winter is here, and your desire to stay in shape has gone. After all, swimsuit season is months away, and all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with hot cocoa watching your favorite TV show. The reality is Read more

Balancing Your Physical Fitness with Overall Self-Care

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Balancing Your Physical Fitness with Overall Self-Care

With so many Americans experiencing stress and anxiety on a daily basis, it’s imperative that we learn how to take care of ourselves Read more

The “Verified Chiropractic Adjustment”

What is a “verified chiropractic adjustment?” In my mind, I think of a “verified chiropractic adjustment” as a test, adjustment, and confirmation of the correction. In my clinic in St. Paul Park, MN, we utilize muscle testing from Applied Kinesiology as one method. In this way, we are able to test specific muscles before and […]


Tips For Living With Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain isn’t just tough; it can be debilitating. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, or just a lingering injury, the pain can get to you. But it’s not just a physical problem, as it can affect your mood and lead to depression.

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Why you should choose Chiropractic for baby

It happens all the time. A parent comes in with their child asking if Chiropractic may be beneficial for their child. Many say things like “I always just thought Chiropractic was for adults” or the classic “ I thought they weren’t developed enough for Chiropractic.”


How to manage your chronic pain

Pain and Grief

If you’ve only recently been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, the shock and sadness can be difficult.

Some say the feelings one gets after a diagnosis are very similar to the stages of grief. It makes sense because a chronic pain diagnosis does represent a loss of your former, illness-free life.

But it doesn’t mean your life is over. There are ways to live with chronic pain without constant suffering. Read more

Chiropractic: Finally Getting Some Credit!

More and more people are trying Chiropractic and loving it.

Many happy patients have recommended their Chiropractor to a good friend or colleague. Why? Read more